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Dear Janeane Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo

Dear Janeane,

I saw you on Keith Olbermann’s “show” last week, which airs on Al Gore’s “network”. While I normally don’t directly address the subjects of my conservative ire, I’m making an exception for you, because you said some truly ignorant and hateful things, and I can’t let that type of hate go unchallenged.

The most difficult part of sitting through that gross out fest was watching the conceited look on your face as you accused Clarence Thomas, a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, of having Stockholm Syndrome because he has ties to the Tea Party and conservative values in general. Do you seriously believe SUPREME COURT JUSTICE Clarence Thomas is so stupid as to be brainwashed by white people? Think about that for a minute. Are you the person to judge his intelligence? Clarence Thomas is a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE. You are an actress (sort of). Last time I checked the requirements for employment at the Supreme Court were pretty stringent. Requirements for mediocre Hollywood actress, not so much. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE Clarence Thomas is a Yale graduate. He has served in legislative positions at both the state and federal level and was Chairman of the EEOC. No offense Janeane, but your experience doing voiceovers for an MTV cartoon doesn’t exactly qualify you as an intellectual powerhouse (and I saw The Matchmaker, so ‘nuff said).

It’s almost as if your sense of moral superiority as a white woman makes you think its okay to label black folks as sellouts or idiots if they dare to stray off the intellectual plantation, even a bit. I bet you think Booker T. Washington was a moron too, don’t you?

You have no idea how racist you sound. You don’t even see the irony of you, a
that black people are essentially morons. Oh, I know, you were only talking about a
specific type of black person, as exemplified by SUPREME COURT JUSTICE Clarence Thomas, but the sentiment is just as insulting. You think black people only count as intelligent when they think like you.

I must say the very worst part was how smug and sickeningly proud you looked as you told Olbermann “I don’t think I should have to feel bad for calling racists racists”. Sorry Janeane, but you are not the arbiter of all that is good and intelligent. We don’t need you to come to our rescue on your white horse. We’ve been dealing with racism for centuries. We broke the back of Jim Crow and wrestled our leaders into recognizing our right vote. We fought in wars to secure our freedom and we’ve created schools to educate ourselves when no one else would. We know what racism looks like. We don’t need you, oh wonderful white lady, to tell us when and where racism dwells, as if we are to stupid to decide for ourselves what it looks like. You claim to be standing up to defend us against racism, and yet you fail to see your own glaring, disgusting racism as you judge black intelligence. Perhaps you’ve noticed (or maybe you haven’t) that not all black people look alike. Just like we don’t all look alike, we don’t all think alike either. Yet you see us as one a group, a category, a mass that moves and thinks as one giant herd of animals. When one of us sheep moves away from the fold it can’t possibly be because
we have come to our own thought out, considered conclusions about a subject. Oh no, black people aren’t smart enough for that. We must have been duped, hoodwinked, brainwashed because black people aren’t naturally intellectually curious beings.

By the way, how is being a white woman who is calling black citizens idiots any less racist than what you accuse the Tea Party of doing to President Obama? I do believe that is the pot calling the kettle Angry Rich White Lady. Excuse you, but you don’t get to speak for us. You don’t get to tell me how I should think based on the color of my skin. How dare you? How insulting and implicitly racist.

One last thing – as a tea partier, I have encountered much more tolerance at Tea Party events than I ever have from any leftist, and certainly more than I would ever find from you. I’m not sure if your face is just frozen that way from years of bitterness, but just in case its not, please make an effort to wipe the smug, self satisfied look off your face as you insult the intelligence of black people everywhere in the name of “justice”. It doesn’t become you, darling.

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