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Attacking Andrew Breitbart through his wife

Andrew Breitbart

Many people have taken a sickening amount of glee in the death of Andrew Breitbart. Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi said he was glad he was dead. The same words were echoed by radio host John Sylvester in Wisconsin and liberal talker Mike Malloy. Numerous tweets have documented the joy in the death of the journalist/blogger/truth seeker. But nothing compares to the attack on Breitbart’s widow, Susie Breitbart.

A fake Twitter account has been created under the name “SusieBreitbart.” The account clearly mentions that it is a fake account, and then proceeds to defame Andrew and Susie with an incredibly grotesque commentary. Among the comments put up by the anonymous source:

I wish #Kony would get all up in this pussy. God I love black cock.

Kony refers to Joseph Kony, the subject of this viral video describing the atrocities he has committed in Africa, including raping and kidnapping children.

@michellemalkin why u so cross eyed?

A response to blogger and journalist Michelle Malkin, whose parents are Filipino.

In addition to the disgusting nature of the comments, there is a remarkable undercurrent of racism:

#RIPAndrew ever since he died I have sucked 18 black dicks. Okay, I think 3 of them might have been puerto ricans.

Just fucked our gardner. You now call me Susie Beaner.#RIPAndrew

Getting #blackdick tonight!! #RIPAndrew

The racism apparent is in trying to evoke feelings of disgust based on the idea that Susie Breitbart would cavort with someone who was black. As commentator AlfonZo Rachel noted on Facebook:

Ahhhh yes. The true colors of liberal bigotry. What’s the best way to demean a person? To accuse them of being intimately involved with a black person. It’s a projection of what they find unacceptable. Susie Still remains a class act amidst liberal trolls being an ass act.

The true colors here are two-fold: The inherent racism ingrained in the perpetrator, and the depths of their depravity. When we learn who has created the account, we will add to the story.

(H/T to Gary Eaton who mentioned this account on his Facebook page)


  1. Nachum says:

    They say you can tell a lot about someone from the enemies he created. Andrew Breitbart’s legacy is a powerful one indeed.

  2. JD says:

    Free speech. Sometimes it seriously blows, this is one of them.

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  5. Larry Thompson says:

    The only description I can come with to describe these people; Lower than a snake’s belly in a mud filled wagon rut.

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  7. Karla Lomiglio says:

    whoever did this is disgusting on so many levels, hateful racist sexist ugh

  8. Rocketwrangler says:

    Mrs. Breitbart, my respect, my heart and my prayers go out to you and your family. Andrew was and still is an amazing man. Kharma seems to eventually work it’s wonders and reward those deserving or exact revenge on those who don’t.

  9. colleen says:

    I just pray to God that when a lib passes away we conservatives do not act like them. andrew was a husband and father. many regrets to his family

  10. Ron English says:

    Don’t fret, Colleen, The wicked rarely die young. The person or persons responsible for creating that fake site and trashing Mrs. Breitbart in such a disgusting, disrespecting manner is too low for polite discourse. May the Lord exact His judgement on those of such ungodly publishing.

  11. Ron says:

    Pray for the family who never asked for this.
    Andrew worked to leave them a better and safer world.
    His woek was a success.

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