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Citizens of Illinois! Boycott Rush…Bobby Rush


In a display of racial division solely meant to endear himself to the most radical elements in American society, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) donned a hooded sweatshirt (known as a hoodie) and a pair of sunglasses, in a direct violation of House Rules, and then proceded to read bible verses on the floor of the US House of Representatives. From the House, he should be reprimanded. From Illinois, he should be boycotted.

Rep. Rush wore the hoodie as a type of solidarity with Trayvon Martin, a young black man who was shot and killed last month in Florida. The case has made international news, with the Left doing everything it can to make this about race, including calling the shooter, George Zimmerman, a “White Hispanic.”

The boycott is a time-honored tradition. You don’t like the actions of a company, you stop purchasing their goods. For many years, I boycotted Wal-Mart. When I realized that I was wrong about many of their practices, and fully began to understand what they provide for their neighborhoods (jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs) I stopped. I see little wrong with organizing protests of companies or services that engage in what one might consider questionable practices. The company has no legal obligation to change, but they may see boycotts as an opportunity to alter course for the betterment of the company.

The company may also see boycotts as an opportunity to find their testicular fortitude, also for the betterment of the company.

The “boycotts” against Rush Limbaugh, and his radio show, are not boycotts of tradition. They are not boycotts against a company or service. They are an organized attempt of the Progressive Left to silence opposition. If a plan to boycott a person (yes, a Person!) has been in an office drawer for over two years, it is not a boycott. It is bullying from well-funded thugs and mercenaries. In the case of Limbaugh, well-funded by George Soros and implemented by the mercenaries at Media Matters for America. (You can also call them Soldiers For Soros…feel free to use it, just quote the source, please!)

Elected officials are different than private citizens, even if they exist in the public eye as much as Limbaugh does (opening him up to scrutiny, which is perfectly fine.) While the rest of America can only watch in horror and disbelief at how Rep. Rush furthers the racial division sought by President Obama (like they watch with horror as film director Spike Lee tweets the address of Zimmerman, hoping (?) for a violent act to be perpetrated on him. When it is learned that Lee tweeted out the wrong address, severely affecting the lives of the couple that lived in the house – both in their 70’s, and to the point where they had to go to a hotel! – he doesn’t apologize gets sued and then apologizes,) the citizens of Illinois, specifically the citizens of the First District, can do something about it. They can boycott Rep. Rush.

On the floor of the House, donning his hoodie, Rep. Rush did not do the work of the people in his district, he did the work of his racially charged cronies. While his district may be predominately black (65% of registered voters are black,) it would be “racist, straight up!” (thanks, Jeaneane!) to assume that his entire district agrees with him because a preponderance of voters share a skin color. That’s as “racist, straight up!” as a President creating a website pushing for people to vote for him solely based on skin color…oh…ummmm….

The people of the First District sent Rush to Congress to represent them, not his racist ideology. While he was performing his one-man Kabuki, who was working on gas prices for his constituents? Who was working on the economy? Who was advocating for them? Not Rep. Rush. Unemployment in his district is 13.9% Chicago, partially covered by Rush’s district, has the highest murder rate in the country, nearly double that of New York. Yet, he says nothing of those who die in his own district. Like them, Trayvon Martin means nothing to him. He is like the Soldiers of Soros; in this case, a racial mercenary sent on assignment when the need arose. To divide, and to destroy. He is not far from his roots as a founder of the Black Panthers.

Boycott Rep. Bobby Rush the only way you can. Don’t vote for him in November.

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