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The TK Quick Six – Thursday, March 29th 2012


Here is the TK Quick Six for Thursday, March 29th. Tony is on his way to New York, so Holly assembled the Quick Six today:

#1 – Bipartisan Rejection of President Obama’s Budget via

#2 – Marco Rubio Explains his Endorsement of Mitt Romney via The Daily Caller

#3 – Christian Crosses Deemed “Offensive” at Afghan Base. Gay Flag is A-Ok. via Gateway Pundit

#4 – After Massacre of Children By Islamist, NYTimes Frets Only About ‘Diversity at Risk,’ Anti-Muslim ‘Tensions’ via Newsbusters

#5 – Obamacare: Judicial Restraint Requires The Court to Strike Down the Whole Law  via Patterico

#6 – The War on Wisconsin via

Plus, don’t forget to listen to yesterday’s Tony Katz Show. Tony digs in on how to handle Progressives post-Obamacare, and exposes the horror of Left of Left crime. Give a listen here.

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