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The TK Quick Six – Wednesday, March 28th 2012

Here is the TK Quick Six for Wednesday, March 28th:

#1 – Obamacare And Broccoli; It’s Not Going Well For Obama – via CBS

#2 – Kennedy Brings Up Fundamental Change, Different Than Obama’s Plan – via

#3 – Dems Already Admitting Obamacare Defeat, Attacking High Court – via

#4 – More Proof That The Left’s Plan Is To Attack The Court When They Lose – via BuzzFeed
(specifically, read the Tweets from Washington Post’s Ezra Klein) 

#5 – Defending Terror By Attacking Israel By Boycott – via AtlasShrugs

#6 – Jane Fonda To Play Nancy Reagan – via

Plus, catch Tony’s speech from the Defending The Dream Summit in Milwaukee on Saturday, March 24th, about the legacy of Andrew Breitbart.

Also, before the Progressives publicly admitted defeat on Obamacare, Tony talked about the Left’s plan to leverage the loss on The Tony Katz Show podcast on March 27th. Listen now:


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