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The TK Quick Six – Wednesday, April 18th 2012


Here is the TK Quick Six for Wednesday, April 18th:

#1 – Economic Slowdown? – via

#2 – West Has No Regrets On Calling Communists, Communists – via

#3 – When You’ve Lost Robin Leach, You’ve Lost The People – via

#4 – Final Flight Of Discovery – via Andrew Malcolm at

#5 – Run From The Cops, Sue The Cops, Blame Anti-Muslim Hate – via AtlasShrugs

#6 – Kagan On Being a Justice: Same As Being Solicitor General – via

PLUS – Tony on – Google At Odds With President Obama

PLUS – Tony on – CNN, MSNBC Attack Mormons, Romney

If you missed The Tony Katz Show yesterday, listen to the Podcast!

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