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A Job For Occupier Harrison Schultz, Found Online In Six Minutes


Occupy spokesman and wannabe bon vivant Harrison Schultz went on the FOX program “Hannity” and, amidst attacking Capitalism and insulting host Sean Hannity for having someone like himself on the program, stated that he has been looking for a job “online” but has been unable to find anything. Tony Katz found a job for him on in less than six minutes.

On The Tony Katz Show, Tony asked his producer, Holly Bacon, to search the job site for jobs in her area requiring a degree in sociology. Schultz has a Masters degree in sociology, and, according to his conversation with Hannity, is living off student loans while he pursues his Ph.D.

Living in Atlanta, Bacon found some job offerings in her area, but with no salary range attached. When Katz suggested that she look in New York (after all, why should he have to relocate for a career!) Bacon came across this posting from

The job clearly states that it requires a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. It also calls for experience in research and data collection. Schultz mentioned to Hannity that he had experience in data analysis, and according to his resume on LinkedIn¬†it is possible that he’s qualified.

When Hannity suggested he get a job being a cook, a dishwasher, or a contrtactor, Harrison asked if Hannity is suggesting that he do something “more menial?” The day after the program, Hannity invited Schultz on to his radio program to continue the conversation. Schultz, however, continued with his elitist mindset, telling Hannity that he would only accept a job that paid over $80,000 per year.

This job, found in six minutes on, fits the bill:

When questioned by Hannity about finding a job, Schultz said:

Hey. I’m online all day. I’m sending my res (resume) out.

Not quite sure what Schultz is doing online all day, but we found a job – while doing a radio show! – in six minutes. We’ll wait to hear if Schultz even applies for it, or is “applying” for a job beneath him?

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