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The TK Quick Six – Friday, May 4th 2012


Here is the TK Quick Six for Friday, May 4th. Those inclined to buy Holly Cinco de Mayo gifts, she is registered at Bevmo and Jim-Bob’s Karaoke Palace in downtown Macon.

#1 – You Ladies Can’t Do Nothing – via
Plus, Get Your Government Worship On! – via

#2 – Rape? Violence? Don’t Blame Us, Blame The NYPD! – via

#3 – Oh, Yeah, Almost Forgot….Newt’s Out Of The Race – via

#4 – Grease Traps Are Killing The Environment – via

#5 – Even Pretty Island States Have Corruption – via

#6 – Blow Up US Missile Defense Sites? Consider That Message Transmitted – via

And, as we do on Fridays, one of our favorite old school tv theme songs:

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