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The Quick Six – Friday, June 22nd 2012


Here is the Quick Six for Friday June 22nd: (It’s a Holly Bacon Edition, so give her the credit and follow her on Twitter!)

#1 - Brian Terry’s Parents: They’re Lying -  via

#2 - E-mails Expose MSNBC Host’s Involvement in #StopRush Boycott - via The Other McCain

#3 - As promised – Team Obama Kills Another 750 Coal Jobs in VA, KY and WV - via Gateway Pundit

#4 - The Coming DNC Disaster - via Michelle Malkin

#5 - Business Insider Predicts Will ‘Disasppear” Next Year - via Twitchy

#6 - Uninformed Gay Activists Keeping it Classy - via Gay Patriot

Miss Yesterday’s Episode Of The Tony Katz Show? Get It Here!

And for your Friday afternoon enjoyment, our TV Theme Song of The Week:

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