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Pro-Obama Blogger, Progressives, Claim Republicans Want Rapists “To Be Fathers”


After the horrifically misspoken and mistaken Rep. Todd Akin gave his medical thesis as to women getting pregnant via “legitimate” rape, and since the GOP platform at the RNC re-affirmed their position on life, Progressives have taken the “War On Women” meme to a whole new level. Sandra Fluke has achieved a primetime spot at the DNC, and the Obama campaign has been fundraising off of it ever since. But Progressives have now entered a new, sick, twisted low, using imagery to say that Conservative condone rape.

A Facebook page called “We Love To Irritate Hateful Republicans,” highlights a violent photo of a man placing his hand over a frightened woman’s mouth. The words around the photo say:

He’s decided to become a father…right-wing Republicans want to make sure he does.

The page was created in 2012. According to the About section, the page is to expose “reality” to those who “hide from” it:

We love and live to irritate Republicans, tea party members and other mindless conservatives with the reality they want to deny, hide from, or lie about.

The site not only calls Conservatives pro-rape, but also touts the Progressive ideal of wealth redistribution.

Progressive blogger Erin Kotecki Vest posted the photo on her Facebook page. When asked if she was saying that the GOP condones rape, she replied: (and gave her permission to be quoted)

Tony I am saying – and you can quote me – that the GOP is making sure rapists become fathers. Just like this graphic says. i did not say the GOP condones rape. I said the GOP is making sure rapists become fathers. Which is a FACT based on the GOP party platform as written, drafted and acceptd

Vest doesn’t come out directly to confirm what the photo says, side stepping that obvious reality by saying that the GOP is making sure rapists become fathers. By any standard, this is not low. This is disgusting.

Progressives have become so enamored of abortion – even claiming that it is a reproductive right! – that they believe they can claim that the GOP and Conservatives condone rape to do it. While the pro-life platform of the GOP opposes abortion, that is not a tacit endorsement of rape. To say otherwise is not just dishonest, it is disgusting.



  1. B17 says:

    What a pathetic distortion by conservatives. Sweet, loving, all-caring, conservatives would never condone rape. However, they condone everything else that can hurt even destroy women. No abortion under any circumstances put conservatives in an even more draconian position on the subject than Muslims. Can you even imagine the additional horror a rape victim goes thru when a rapist comes back to haunt her under the guise of exercising his parental rights of the child of his unholy seed?! By the way this has actually happened. We are very grateful that conservatives do not approve rape. But when conservatives tell a rape victim she cannot abort the alien growing inside her, they are no longer the sweet folks we have come to love.

  2. the team says:

    I think a conversation about a rapist’s parental rights is a worth conversation. But that is not the intent, nor the dialogue, that comes from this photo/caption. It is sick, disgusting and shameful.

    I do appreciate the comment. Thank you.

    – Tony and The Team At APM

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