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The Quick Six – Monday, November 12th 2012


Here is the Quick Six for Monday, November 12th:

Don’t Forget To Say Thank You To A Veteran Today!

#1 – Did Petraeus And Broadwell Pillowtalk The Real Motives Behind The Benghazi Attack? – via (recommended by reader @sinjun45)
PLUS – CONFIRMED! Prisoners Were Held In Benghazi Embassy

#2 – Bill Kristol Now Fine With Tax Increases – via

#3 – NASCAR Race Turns Into A Hockey Game – via

#4 – 400,000 Votes That Moved The Election – via

#5 – Former RNC Chair Michael Steel Wants For Winning In 2010 – via

#6 – Petraeus Resignation Is A “Crisis Of Major Proportions” – via

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