White Kratom Strains

Before you try out the popular top rated white kratom, you need to know what they are used for. Here, you’re going to get tips on using kratom of the white vein color. That way, you will find out if it’s right for you or if you should try another type of strain.

Most white strains are known for giving people an energy boost, making them good for those that want to do a little more during their days. It’s much like the effects of strong coffee, and in fact kratom is related to the coffee plant. It’s not as easy to take too much kratom as it is to drink too much caffeine though, but you still need to be careful and keep your correct dose on the low side if possible. We have found that if you do get energy, it will generally be from a lower dose since higher dosages of kratom, even with white strains, can cause you to get drowsy.

You’re going to want to figure out the most effective dose of a white strain kratom powder to take to get energy from it before you try it out. For most people, 4 gram of the crushed powder is enough to get the effects they were looking for. However, you may need a little more or a little less depending on your body chemistry and what amounts of kratom your own body can handle. Try to start with a 4 gram dose and then work your way up half a gram at a time. If you’re using capsules, they are generally half a gram each so 8 capsules are 4 grams keep that in mind when dosing.

Should you buy kratom capsules or just the powder? Many consumers find that if they buy the powder, they take more of it than they wanted to so it gets used up quicker. With capsules, you have to take effort to gulp them down and it can be hard to take a lot of it without feeling full. However, with kratom powder, if you’re going to use it, you should always weigh it out. A few grams may not look like much but it can pack a punch, especially if you use too much.

When you use too much kratom you may feel a little ill for an hour or two. This doesn’t mean that the kratom is bad, it just means that you took a higher dose than necessary . When you’ve taken too much you should drink water or juice and try to rest. If you have to vomit, then try to do so and get it out of your system as much as possible. Then, remember next time to try quite a bit less because when you hit your sweet spot with kratom it’s a great addition to your day to day arsenal of things that make you feel great!

Now you know more about white vein kratom strains and whether they are going to work for you or not. There are many varieties and colors of kratom strains sold online so it is a matter of finding what works best in your situation. Use what you learned here and finding a good strain should be simple.

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