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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 3/28/14 – Colbert Fails And Everyone Goes Nuts

Tony talks about the failed comedy of Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central, when they tried to mock Daniel Snyder (owner of the Washington Redskins) for his position on the team name while creating a fund for native Americans.

The so-called joke was deemed racist, and people took to social media to demand that Colbert’s show , The Colbert Report, be cancelled. Tony puts in all in perspective, and asks that those who want to attack Colbert try tactics before unthinking reactions.

Tony has some choice words for those who want to defend Colbert’s so-called joke as “satire.”

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 3/27/14 – Leland Yee, Corruption and the Compliant MSM

If there is one thing Tony can’t stand, its hypocrisy. In the case of California State Senator Leland Yee (D), that hypocrisy is pushing draconian gun laws that limit the Second Amendment rights of lawful citizen while helping gang members funnel guns and shoulder-mounted missiles into the United States from a Muslim separatist/rebel groups in the Philippines!

What’s worse, as Tony discusses, is the hypocrisy of the Mainstream Media, which is more interested in protecting their ideology than reporting the truth.

Then, what to make of an Ebony magazine editor who assumes that an RNC staffer is “white” just because he works for the RNC? She even refers to him as “white dude?” What comes next when she realizes it’s Raffi Williams, the son of FOX News Channel’s Juan Williams? And he is not white!

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 2/26/14 – Gov Brewer Vetos Religious Freedom Bill

Just before air, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed SB 1062, which amends the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to better ensure personal liberties. As Tony discusses, the problem with the bill is that so few people read it before deeming it “anti-gay.” What’s more important – what a bill says or what the media says a bill says?

There are more and more cases of police brutality and abuses of authority in America. Police officers are telling citizens they lose their rights on the spot. And, of course, there is the case of Justina Pelletier in Massachusetts. Tony talks about rights, and who wants to take away yours.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 2/20/14 – Stacy Washington is the Guest Host

The week is almost over, and Tony Katz is almost done with his venture into morning radio on WIBC. Tonight, KFTK radio host Stacy Washington fills-in for Tony.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/22/14 – Guest Hosts Cameron Gray and Seton Motley

Tony takes a rare day off, and Cameron Gray of and Seton Motley of Less fill in. Yes, it takes two men to attempt to replace just one Tony Katz!

They discuss the future of the Republican party, and is it really big tent? Gay marriage gets it’s back and forth, and does allowing it create jobs in America? Plus, who has appeared on Soul Train?

It’s a big show, so give it a listen.

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Paige’s Picks -

Paul Simon- I Know What I know

Beyonce- XO
Captain & Tennille- Love Will Keep Us Together
Soul Train Theme
Duran Duran- Rio
Muse- Madness
Pitbull- Timber feat. Ke$ha
Arcade Fire- Neighborhood #3 (Powerout)
Fritz and the Tantrums- Out of My League
John Newman- Love Me Again

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/6/14 – The Snow is Falling and The Meaningless Apology Society

With his flagship at 93.1FM in Indianapolis, Tony thought it proper to discuss the latest snowfall and the dangerous sub-zero temperatures coming to the heartland. Stay warm and stay safe everyone!

Then, Tony delves into his latest article – The Meaningless Apology Society. Everyone apologizing for everything because everyone is offended all the time. What’s the point? Where’s the value? If Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes for attacking adoption, who wins? Isn’t the issue the attack she made?

Plus, the Colts pick up Deion Branch, because spying in the NFL is so very wrong.

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Here is a test.


Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/17/13 – The Obama Propaganda and Guest Cam Edwards

Continuing his stay in Washington DC, Tony exposes the latest in Obama propaganda. Meeting with tech CEO’s about NSA spying, the Obama staff put the story out as a major meeting about the positive future of the Obamacare website. It’s a lie you need to understand.’s Cam Edwards, host of Cam and Company, joins Tony to talk about the mainstream media’s scrubbing of Karl Pierson’s socialist and leftist views. Cam digs deeper, question the role of parenting in America – and how parents can, should and must do better.

The big lottery draws its numbers, and Tony doesn’t win. But, he does come up with an idea for Indianapolis – one that will bring a world record to the fair city. The idea? It has to do with pork tenderloin…..fried pork tenderloin.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/5/13 – Nelson Mandela And Fast Food Thursday

Winter storms took over Tony’s flagship station in Indianapolis, so plenty of attention was paid to the accumulating snow and ice throughout Indiana. But it wasn’t too long that Tony was back on topic, speaking quite clearly about the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.

Then, Tony has the full review of what happened on Fast Food Thursday, including his appearance on a far left-leaning radio program. Its clear that Tony understands how ideologues operate, and why he steers clear of that kind of talk.

He also follows up on the Harvard poll that shows young people are not interested  in President Obama or Obamacare. As the polls show, Hispanics aren’t that interested in the president, either.

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