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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/17/13 – The Obama Propaganda and Guest Cam Edwards

Continuing his stay in Washington DC, Tony exposes the latest in Obama propaganda. Meeting with tech CEO’s about NSA spying, the Obama staff put the story out as a major meeting about the positive future of the Obamacare website. It’s a lie you need to understand.’s Cam Edwards, host of Cam and Company, joins Tony to talk about the mainstream media’s scrubbing of Karl Pierson’s socialist and leftist views. Cam digs deeper, question the role of parenting in America – and how parents can, should and must do better.

The big lottery draws its numbers, and Tony doesn’t win. But, he does come up with an idea for Indianapolis – one that will bring a world record to the fair city. The idea? It has to do with pork tenderloin…..fried pork tenderloin.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/5/13 – Nelson Mandela And Fast Food Thursday

Winter storms took over Tony’s flagship station in Indianapolis, so plenty of attention was paid to the accumulating snow and ice throughout Indiana. But it wasn’t too long that Tony was back on topic, speaking quite clearly about the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.

Then, Tony has the full review of what happened on Fast Food Thursday, including his appearance on a far left-leaning radio program. Its clear that Tony understands how ideologues operate, and why he steers clear of that kind of talk.

He also follows up on the Harvard poll that shows young people are not interested  in President Obama or Obamacare. As the polls show, Hispanics aren’t that interested in the president, either.

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On Race In America, The President Is The Coward

Holder, Obama, and who's the real coward on race.

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Back in 2009, newly-installed Attorney General Eric Holder called America “a nation of cowards” on matters of race. Based on the President’s unannounced remarks on the Zimmerman case (the absence of a Teleprompter doesn’t mean the speech was impromptu, despite Jay Carney’s insistence that it was), Holder had it right, at least with regard to Barack Obama.

After announcing through his press secretary that he would make no statement about the Zimmerman’s trial (or, as MSNBC and Media Matters describe it, how the angry, fat, disgusting white guy stalked, hunted and killed the angelic child Trayvon, then used his white privilege power to get the all-white jury to find him not guilty, even though he’s not white), Obama spoke about the Zimmerman trial. He spoke in the Press briefing room, surrounded by sycophants. And to ensure that no one exposed him, the President took no questions.

With studied sincerity, the President claimed that he had experienced discrimination because of the color of his skin. That he had seen women clutch their purses in his presence. That he had seen them hold their breath in the elevator. That 35 years ago, he had been Trayvon (fact: 35 years ago, Obama attended an elite Hawaiian prep school). The President delivered the story his (bought-and-paid-for) base wanted to hear.

The President spoke of how important it is to have a dialog about race in America. Fine. But race wasn’t a factor in the case. The FBI said race was not a part of it. The jury said race was not a part of it. Trayvon’s mother said race was not a part of it. The Martin family lawyer said race was not a part of it. So essentially the President exploited the case for his own political purposes (see 2014).

Nor was Florida’s Stand Your Ground statute a part of the trial in any way. Zimmerman in fact waived his right to make that claim.

Presidents have used the bully pulpit to explain the case for war, to heal a nation after national disaster and to rally Americans (of all races!) to find and engage their life’s purpose. For those who have never seen it under Obama, these are examples of leadership and courage.

Checking the temperature of the nation before making a statement, mis-characterizing the case entirely, claiming to have been the object of racial discrimination, and doing all of it in the womb of White House press briefing room; is there anything more cowardly than that?

It’s Official: Everyone Thinks This Term Is Awful

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For conservatives, nothing prepared us for the horror and sadness of watching President Obama begin to dismantle the Republic in his first term. Out of control spending and business-killing regulations, culminating in the monstrosity of ObamaCare, polarized the nation.

But less than a year into his second term, Obama has become the “Great Uniter” Chris Matthews predicted. Now it’s not just conservatives who think he’s a disaster.

Americans will take a lot of crap. I mean, we accepted Star Wars Part One (which was worse, Annakin or Jar-Jar? Comments below.)  We dealt with Kevin Federline’s rapping. We even suspended disbelief when NBC told us Chelsea Clinton would develop into real journalist. We did those things together. These were happy times for America, really.

But not even liberals can put up with Obama’s arrogance, or total disregard for America’s ability to use their eyes. How else to explain the Obama State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki’s insistence that Secretary John Kerry was not on his boat yacht one percenter recreational cruising vessel while the Egyptian military was staging a coup?

America – But Ms. Psaki! We have pictures of Secretary Kerry on his One Percenter Recreational Cruising Vessel!

Jen Psaki – Don’t care.

America – But?

Jen Psaki – Wasn’t him. Wasn’t there. You’re a racist! Tin Foil hat! Grassy knoll! Next question.

Kerry’s disinterest, and Psaki’s attempt to cover it up, are merely the most recent manifestations of the Obama administration’s lack of foreign policy principles, let alone a comprehensive plan. (When asked for comment on his lead diplomat’s curious level of incuriousness about Egypt, Obama said, “Wait a minute. Let me just hit this shot. I’m so gonna birdie this bitch!”)

Politico has come to the same conclusion, stating:

Establishment Democrats, never big fans of this president to begin with, are starting to speak out. And reporters are tripping over themselves to condemn lies, bullying and shadiness in the Obama administration.

Obama’s biggest cheerleader paid political operative, MSNBC, has had its worst ratings in years. You’d think the whole channel was nothing but hour after hour of Piers Morgan interviewing Piers Morgan! The lies are so clear, and the people so upset about being duped, that they can’t bear to be told one more lie. Because, no matter what they hear, they know they’re being lied to.

Post-racial President? Lie. Transparent President? Lie. Smartest President Ever? Lie. We will be respected around the world? Lie. Nobel Peace Prize for what he might do? Lie. Obamacare will reduce costs? Lie.

On Obamacare, Obama and Co. have admitted through their actions that it doesn’t work. The mandate for employers has been pushed to 2015. And those who qualify for state-run exchanges no longer have to prove eligibility. As Michael Walsh put it, ““Stated income” may be no good in the mortgage market any more after it crashed the system, but apparently it’s good enough for the Obama bureaucracy, whose faith in the honesty of the mendicant citizenry is touching if historically misplaced.”

For years the Right has said that the Obama Administration was thuggish, was hell bent on revenge, and was vindictive.

The IRS scandal was perhaps the tipping point. At first, The Left tried claimed that not just conservative and tea party groups, but progressives as well had been targeted. But, as the Inspector General’s report showed, that was not the case. Obama’s minions attacked Americans who disagreed with him. The Left knows they voted for hate.

Obama is not the man (messiah) they thought he was. The Left was blinded by his skin color and duped by mainstream media.

But now they know he lies. And now they know he surrounds himself with sycophants, ready and willing to lie for him, in poetry and prose.

Lets not let them ever forget it.

Taking Off The Gloves On The Culture War


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Has Greg Gutfield banned the term “culture war” yet? If not, its time we figured out what it means and how we fight it before he does.

As Animal House said it, “Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life.” Yet, on the “culture war,” conservatives continue to act just like that – with those who would rather invest in establishment instead of TV, film, music, art and literature; people ignorant that they’re losing ground to Progressives every day

The late Andrew Breitbart famously said “politics is downstream of culture,”  Years earlier (5th century BCE, actually) it was Damon of Athens who stated “Let me write the songs of a nation, and I care not who writes its laws.” Buffalo Springfield’s 1967 hit “For What It’s Worth” had more impact on the votes of members of Congress than the actual results of the Vietnam war. “For What It’s Worth,” which originally described riots on the Sunset Strip, was co-opted by the anti-war movement in the years that followed. The premature withdrawal that resulted from this cultural takeover cost many thousands of lives, and set the American psyche in a horrific direction.

Exactly how long will conservatives wait to get in the game?

Glenn Beck has ventured forth with “The Blaze,” and has a struck a chord based on a tremendous cult of personality. His TV network is now available on DISH and multiple cable outlets. I applaud this. But it is far from enough.

Sean Combs (P-Diddy to his friends, and self-proclaimed servant to President Obama) announced that he is starting a new network to rival MTV, which has enjoyed multiple decades of unmatched and unchallenged “Progressive” success. His project, called Revolt, is designed as a, “…multimedia platform with an emphasis on music programming, live content and social media, and distribution in urban markets.” Combs’ launch will be seen in 25 million homes via Time Warner Cable.

So we have Beck and FOX News (home to Howard Kurtz and key “Gang of 8” supporter, Bill O’Reilly) versus ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, MTV, Revolt, Pivot (starring Meghan McCain. Seriously. She has a show there,) Al-Jazeera and whatever other Progressive networks I missed. In 2014, Saturday Night Live’s Executive Producer Lorne Michaels will control 11.5 hours of late night TV each week – – Jimmy Fallon, Seth Myers and SNL.

Conservatives need to jump in with content-rich shows that are funny, entertaining and relevant. Shows that build loyal audiences. We can’t change culture if we’re off on the sidelines, or by talking about it. We have to be the culture.

Currently, we lack the proper and necessary funding apparatus to build that content.  That funding focuses its attention on the tried and true establishment wasteland. Translation: If you’re giving your money to Karl Rove and not to Conservative/Libertarian/Independent Hollywood content creators, you’re doing it all wrong.

A “culture war” victory would not solidify ideology, it would reinforce truth; Capitalism works. Socialism doesn’t. Sometimes, there is a clear right answer and a clear wrong answer. Corporations feed families. Cronyism is wrong regardless of who’s in power. A strong America is better for the world than a weak America. Oh, and America doesn’t suck.

Some are trying, myself included. Yet, in order to make progress, our side must be willing to invest and to lose (just like they did with Rove in 2012….except with the content creators, you have something to show for the effort.) We must have a willingness to try. Eventually, there will be a solid ROI. Ultimately, the return on investment is that we get to keep our country.

Otherwise, we’re all just Flounder.

Tony Katz On The Kudlow Report – IRS, NSA and The Price Is Right

When You Have The Clear Path To Victory, Take It

tax burden

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Why do Conservatives insist on getting in their own way? They couldn’t have asked for a better week, one White House scandal following another like so many tumbling dominos. Yet rather than simply sit back and watch the administration self-destruct, Tea Party groups are planning to rally in front of IRS buildings on Tuesday in cities across the country. Demonstrations that can interrupt the current news cycle, which is almost too good to be true! Why do conservatives want to lose so often?

The Scandal-Palooza of the past week doesn’t just have legs; it has momentum. Like Usain Bolt, it’s fast and seemingly unstoppable. Just when you think it’s over, it comes back even stronger. It’s the White House seizing AP phone records so as to control the news cycle after an al-Qaeda terror plot was foiled in Yemen. It’s the IRS withholding tax exempt status for Tea Party, conservative, and pro-Constitution groups, and asking the most invasive and personal questions. It’s Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius raising money for Enroll America, a private nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of encouraging Americans to sign up for insurance this fall, while CEOs and bigwigs of corporations are subjected to her Obamacare mandates. And, of course, Benghazi…

(As Seton Motley of Less Government reminded me on my radio show, this list doesn’t include Operation Fast and Furious and the murder of Brian Terry or the EPA FOIA request scandal. Add them.)

As the week went on, even the progressives could not get their heads around the scandals, the lack of urgency from the White House nor the nagging feeling that President Obama was not up to the task of, well, being president. Over at The Washington Post, Dana Milbank wrote about AG Eric Holder’s response to questions about the Justice Department gathering the AP phone records.

On and on Holder went: “I don’t know. I don’t know. . . . I would not want to reveal what I know. . . . I don’t know why that didn’t happen. . . . I know nothing, so I’m not in a position really to answer.”Holder seemed to regard this ignorance as a shield protecting him and the Justice Department from all criticism of the Obama administration’s assault on press freedoms. But his claim that his “recusal” from the case exempted him from all discussion of the matter didn’t fly with Republicans or Democrats on the committee, who justifiably saw his recusal as more of an abdication.

Just a day earlier, his column bore the headline, “Obama, the uninterested president.”

While Milbank was calling Holder out on the carpet, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews (His Tingleness!) went to town on Obama. His claim – the steering wheel doesn’t control the car. He went on, wondering what part of the Presidency does Obama like?

So what part does he like? He likes going on the road, campaigning, visiting businesses like he does every couple days somewhere in Ohio or somewhere. What part doesn’t he like? He doesn’t like lobbying for the bills he cares about. He doesn’t like selling to the press. Does he like giving orders or giving somebody the power to give orders? No. He doesn’t seem to like being an executive.

And that very week David Axelrod, in many ways Obama’s Capo Di Tutti Capi (just don’t let Valerie Jarret hear you say that. Speaking of, where is Valerie Jarret in all of these scandals? I mean, where is she? Anyway, back to Axelrod…) speaking to Joe Scarborough on MSNBC, said that government is too vast for the president to know everything is happening.

The biggest progressive names in the world are making the conservative (really, America’s) case! Milbank calling Holder purposefully ignorant. Matthews wondering if Obama even likes his job. Axelrod clearly making the case that government is too big. Victory is in sight. Why get in the way?

By way of context, I’m a Tea Party member. I helped organize the original Tea Party events in Los Angeles, and I’ve spoken at rallies and educational forums across the country. I’m convinced that fundamental Tea Party principles – Constitutional government, free markets, fiscal responsibility – still resonate with Americans. And that these scandals (specifically the IRS attacks) will usher in a resurgence of the Tea Party, and make 2014 a very uncomfortable election for Sen. Harry Reid and Co.

Like nearly all in the movement, I am infuriated and disgusted with the IRS, with the administration, and with the sickening elitism that permeates Washington, DC. But to rally in front of IRS offices is, at this point, self-destructive. It takes the focus off the scandals themselves and the administration’s arrogance in talking about them. It gives the press, which has covered the scandals, if begrudgingly (except for the AP phone records story…they are really livid about that) something else to talk about.

There will be a right time to rally. But it should not be about the Tea Party’s (justifiable) anger towards the IRS. It should be about Americans coming together to express their disgust with government overreach and abuse. It should be less about the Tea Party and more about the future of America.

But the time is not now. People are just learning about these scandals and their breadth. They are just now learning about their government’s abuses and lies, and how the press helped those lies spread. That is a true victory.

A rally now will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Shame on us for not knowing how to win.

The Internal Retaliation Service


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The only way I know we still live in a relatively free nation is that, at times, the truth does come out. The IRS announced that, yes, it did give extra scrutiny to tax returns that included the name “tea party” or “patriot” as part of their exempt applications. Too bad for Boston that the names Tamerlan and Dzhokhar weren’t on that IRS watch list.

The IRS admits its blatantly illegal actions:

IRS agents singled out dozens of organizations for additional reviews because they included the words “tea party” or “patriot” in their exemption applications, said Lois Lerner, who heads the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt groups. In some cases, groups were asked for lists of donors, which violates IRS policy in most cases, she said.

The Tea Party has been an American institution since 2009, emerging as a response to years of massive government expansion and unyielding waste. A amalgamation of autonomous grassroots groups, the Tea Party advocates for basic principles of Constitutionalism, open markets, fiscal responsibility and shrinking the bloated federal government. Of course, the administration and the mainstream media hate the Tea Party and do everything they can to vilify, demonize and systematically destroy it.

Many have raised the warning flags on this government intimidation. Radio host Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation first moved on this subject in March, 2012. LLF demanded an investigation into the “Exempt Organization” (EO) division. Levin wrote:

“Recent media reports indicate that the EO Division is using inappropriate and intimidating investigation tactics in the administration of applications for exempt status submitted by organizations associated with the Tea Party movement,”

But it wasn’t just targeting Tea Party groups. It was targeting Tea Party groups during the 2012 election. It was, by every standard, electioneering. It’s as if the IRS stood in front of polling places with billy clubs and black berets. But instead of having to walk the streets, they used the threat of law suits and fines – said another way, it’s retaliation.

It’s not the first time the IRS has engaged in these types of attacks. The Jewish Press reported that pro-Israel group Z Street sued the IRS in 2010, claiming it was unfairly targeted, and its tax exempt status request received that same “extra scrutiny.” The IRS informed them there would be, “…a special unit in the D.C. office to determine whether the organization’s activities contradict the Administration’s public policies.”

We call it what it is. Retaliation.

The IRS, in the tradition of former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and current Congressional rapscallion Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), issued an apology on behalf of the entire department, expecting that would make the issue go away:

“That was absolutely incorrect, it was insensitive and it was inappropriate. That’s not how we go about selecting cases for further review,” Lerner said at a conference sponsored by the American Bar Association.

“The IRS would like to apologize for that,” she added.

Apologies won’t do. Only firings, denied pensions and/or jail time will suffice. Those individuals responsible for these travesties cannot be allowed to hide behind a department-wide apology. They must be exposed and held personally accountable. Any elected official who finds this types of selective enforcement schemes acceptable should be voted out of office. And a media personality who does so cannot be trusted. Ever.

Tony Katz Tonight – A Talk Show You Actually Want To Watch


Radio talk show host Tony Katz once again pushes the envelope with the taping of two new episodes of Tony Katz Tonight, a tv/video talk show. See it LIVE on Wednesday, May 8th at 6pmET.


The show takes current events and pop culture and asks the important questions about both that all the talking heads – daytime and late night – can’t get the nerve or don’t have the sense to ask. Not ideological, but cutting and entertaining, Tony Katz Tonight makes you laugh….and its about time that a late night talk show made you laugh!

Our first episode features columnist Andrew Malcolm, radio host John Phillips and actress/comedianne Miki Yamashita. Our second episode features author and satirist Evan Sayet, actress and blogger Kira Davis and contributor and author Kurt Schlichter.

See the show opens below. And see the show on Wednesday, May 8th at 6pmET.