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The Occupy Wall Street protesters are Communists (or Black Panthers)


I have a piece on the 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters that blocked the Brooklyn Bridge which should be published soon is now up on  In the meantime, OWS has just put out their “Proposed List of Demands” for the OWS movement.  The list can be found here, but the bullet points are:

…restoration of the living wage…single payer health care that bans private insurance…guaranteed income regardless of employment…free college education…end the fossil fuel economy while stimulating the green fuel economy…spend $1T on infrastructure…another $1T on planting trees…open borders migration…total debt forgiveness (personal and national) worldwide…

When I read the list, I immediately thought of another group’s list of demands.  It is the Black Panther’s Ten Point Plan.  The list is eerily similar, and includes:

…full employment for “our” people…free housing…free healthcare for all “black and oppressed people”…

The coup de grace is Point 10, where the Black Panthers state:

We want Land, Bread, Housing Education, Clothing Justice, Peace and People’s Community Control of Modern Technology

They are, in far too many ways, the same list of demands.  It can now be said clearly, based solely on the evidence in front of us, that those associated with Occupy Wall Street are Communists, or at the very least Communists-in-Training.  No wonder Van Jones is so supportive of them.

The list of demands from both groups is as ignorant as it is impossible.  These are not the thoughts of sensible people, trying to show the world that we can no longer continue politics as usual, with uncontrolled spending and crony capitalism.  These are petulant children who have no understanding of the real world, and whom (by their admission of their desires) believe that money grows on trees and hold valueless the concept of work and reward, and the rule of law.

Like Communism, this “movement” is doomed to fail.  Like Reagan, we have to make sure it does.






Tony Is Talking July, 29th 2010

More about SB 1070. It’s not about race or racial profiling. All of those conversations are lies. It’s about laws. Are we a nation of laws, or not?

Monday, July 12th 2010

Enjoy The Show!

Wednesday, July 7th 2010

Enjoy the Show!

Chrystopher Smith joins Tony Katz

Chrystopher Smith, former candidate for the US House of Representatives, will join Tony Katz, host of the Tony Katz Radio Spectacular, on Wednesday, July 7th.  Together, they will explore the response of Attorney General Eric Holder, and the US Justice department as they drop the lawsuit against the Black Panthers and voter intimidation. Chrystopher and Tony will also take an indepth look into Black Liberation Theology, how it works and how it affects all of us.

The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular can be heard Monday through Friday at 6pm EST (3pm PST) on the All Patriots Media Network.  Listen to the show at or on your local AM dial.