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The Quick Six – Friday, November 2nd 2012


Here is the Quick Six for Friday, November 2nd:

#1 – October Unemployment Jumps to 7.9% – via Gateway Pundit

#2 – Shorter Reid: Those Wascally Wepulicans – via Hot Air Blog

#3 – Scandal Deepens With New Benghazi E-mails – via Powerline Blog

#4 – ABC News Targets Group Fighting Voter Fraud – via Newsbusters

#5 – Obama’s Latest Bright Idea: A “Secretary of Business” – via All American Blogger

#6 – The Word You Want Here, Mr. President, is “Capital – Sundries Shack

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In lieu of our TV Theme Song of the Week, we give you the latest ad from Tony Katz. For those who think government should supply them birth control, here is a simple primer to better understand how the process works. The YouTube ID of <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> is invalid.

The TK Quick Six – Tuesday, May 15th 2012


Here is the Quick Six for Tuesday, May 15th:

#1 – Chris Matthews To Black Bishop – Evolve! – via

#2 – More Matthews…On Jeopardy….Grab Popcorn – via

#3 – Walker Up In Wisconsin – via
PLUS – Racine Tea Party On June 2nd! 

#4 – Ron Paul Is Out…Kinda…Somewhat…Maybe – via

#5 – More Voter Fraud Exposed By James O’Keefe – via

#6 – Toronto Activists OK With Misogyny And Treacherous Jews – via

PLUS – Tony’s Latest On – Newsweek Embarrasses The President, Lies To America

The TK Quick Six – Monday, May 14th 2012


Here is the Quick Six for Monday, May 14th:

#1 – Ummm, Newsweek? What The Hell? – via

#2 – Did Obama Camp Bribe Jeremiah Wright To Stop Talking? – via

#3 – Anti-Gay “Painter” Caught With Pro-Al Qaeda Literature – via AtlasShrugs

#4 – An Interesting Look At The 2012 Race Thus Far – via

#5 – Walker With Lead In Wisconsin – via AceofSpadesHQ

#6 – Elizabeth Warren Is Native American, And This Cookbook Proves It! – via

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The TK Quick Six – Tuesday, May 8th 2012


Here is the TK Quick Six for Tuesday, May 8th:

#1 – Leftists Expand “Value” Of Abortion – via

#2 – U.S. Gives Back Taliban Prisoners While Having Citizens Still In Custody – via

#3 – Did White House Lie About Terror Plot? – via

#4 – The President…Gay Marriage…Ummm…Evolving…Something…Ummm – via

#5 – The Government Must Save You From Food – via

#6 – Romney Should Act More Like McCain, Says Left – via AceofSpadesHQ

Did you miss the Tony Katz Show yesterday? The podcast is here!

The TK Quick Six – Monday, May 7th, 2012


Here is the TK Quick Six for Monday, May 7th:

#1 – Sarkozy Out In France – via
PLUS – France Engages Obama-topian Fantasy – via

#2 – Charles Barkley Goes Political, Personal Against Mitt Romney On Live TV – via

#3 – 9/11 Defense Attorney Calls For Women To Wear Hijabs In Court – via

#4 – Old Media Finds Objectivity On Latest Jobs Numbers – via

#5 – The GOP Veepstakes – via YidWithLid

#6 – Obama Admin Crafted Letter To Blame Military If Bin Laden Mission Failed – via

The TK Quick Six – Thursday, April 19th 2012


Here is the TK Quick Six for Thursday, April 19th:

#1 – Rep. Allen West Honestly Puts Up With Soledad O’Brien’s Snark – via

#2 – Malkin To Romney: Stop Calling Obama Nice – via

#3 – OWS And Anti-Semitism..Do They Or Don’t They Hate Jews? – via

#4 – Get $2 Billion In Stimulus, Drop 400 Jobs – via Mental Recession

#5 – Jobless Claims Jump – via

#6 – Levin On Obama –

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The TK Quick Six – Wednesday, April 18th 2012


Here is the TK Quick Six for Wednesday, April 18th:

#1 – Economic Slowdown? – via

#2 – West Has No Regrets On Calling Communists, Communists – via

#3 – When You’ve Lost Robin Leach, You’ve Lost The People – via

#4 – Final Flight Of Discovery – via Andrew Malcolm at

#5 – Run From The Cops, Sue The Cops, Blame Anti-Muslim Hate – via AtlasShrugs

#6 – Kagan On Being a Justice: Same As Being Solicitor General – via

PLUS – Tony on – Google At Odds With President Obama

PLUS – Tony on – CNN, MSNBC Attack Mormons, Romney

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The TK Quick Six – Tuesday, April 17th 2012


Here is the TK Quick Six for Tuesday, April 17th. File your taxes by midnight tonight…..or don’t. Your choice.

#1 – Obama To Crack Down On Oil Manipulation…Again…And Again…And Again…And Again – via

#2 – CNN Lied About Polling Data – via AceofSpadesHQ

#3 – Obama’s Real Stance On Immigration, And Lying About Romney – via YidWithLid

#4 – President Obama: If You’re Going To Pander To Argentina, Don’t Screw It Up! – via

#5 – Another DOE Loan Goes Bust; First Solar Plans Layoffs – via ThurbersThoughts

#6 – Joel Pollak ( Editor-In-Chief) Sings! – via MarathonPundit

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The TK Quick Six – Tuesday, April 10th 2012

The Tony Katz

Here is the TK Quick Six for Tuesday, April 10th:

#1 – I Won The Lottery..Wait, I Need a Ticket? – The

#2 – NBC Engages Nonsense Defense On Editgate – via AceofSpadesHQ

#3 – AG Eric Holder Lashes Out Against Facts From James O’Keefe and Breitbart – via

#4 – Al Sharpton Comes To Aid Of White Man Beaten By Black Men (I kid, I kid) – via

#5 – Obama Really, Really, Really Loves Basketball…Oh, And The Kids Are OK, Too – via

#6 – A Woman On The So-Called Woman’s Economy – via

Did you miss The Tony Katz Show yesterday? Hear it now! Tony discusses the James O’Keefe video, and why AG Holder is so incurious.

The TK Quick Six – Monday, April 9th 2012


Here is the TK Quick Six for Monday, April 9th:

#1 – O’Keefe Proves More Voter Fraud, Able To Obtain Eric Holder’s Ballot – via

#2 – $500 Million To Endorse Obamacare – via

#3 – North Dakota Rigs GOP Primary For Romney – via

#4 – And Now, A Musical For Obama – via

#5 – Arby’s Fakes A Limbaugh Protest – via

#6 – Government Wastes $820,000, Blames Bush….Seriously via

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